Why Variety Packs Are Beneficial?

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What are Variety Packs? Variety packs are a collection of individually wrapped products or flavors of a brand, usually sold in one package. Variety packs are especially popular in the food manufacturing sector, providing a unique packaging method designed to entice customers by combining several items at a lower price. Rather than having to buy […]

Contract Packaging 101

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What Is Contract Packaging? Developing your own packaging system involves much more than investing in the right packaging equipment and materials to get the job done. It also involves warehousing and hiring an additional workforce to run your packaging operation alongside your core business. To many companies, setting up their own packaging line is simply […]

Key Factors To Consider When Selecting Packaging Materials

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Click to Expand Product packaging is an essential step in the product life cycle. It not only protects the product from external damage but also serves as an essential marketing tool. Packaging can help a product stand out from the competition. It can also provide information about a product’s features and benefits. In this article, […]

What Plastic Is Used in Shrink Wrapping?

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For more than 40 years, Econo-Pak has provided customers with top-quality packaging materials for a diverse range of applications. As a trusted supplier of quality materials, we offer shrink wrapping materials suitable for packaging and protecting a countless array of products. Three primary types of shrink wrapping exist for various applications in the shipping and […]

What Materials Are Used in Flow Wrapping?

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Econo-Pak is a contract packaging service provider specializing in the creation of functional and attractive packaging solutions for food, pharmaceutical, retail, and specialty applications. Our packaging services include flow wrapping, a continuous, high-speed packaging process that encloses products in a clear or printed film. During the flow wrapping process, a conveyor belt moves the product […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing a Co-Packer for Your Business

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Growing your brand and ensuring your products get to your customers requires a reliable and timely production process. Contracting a co-packer can streamline the process for you. Co-packing companies are an integral part of the packing process. They offer packaging services for various products in retail, commercial, and trade industries. The most common products co-packers […]

Co-Packing vs. Private Label

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With a growing business, you must make many decisions. One of the most significant decisions for thriving business owners is private label vs. contract manufacturing. It’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of co-packing and private labeling to decide which option is best for your business, as the functions and benefits of the two […]

New Salt Analyzer Equipment

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Salt in Food Products Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the sodium that Americans consume doesn’t come from regular table salt but instead comes from consuming prepared and packaged foods, such as chips, crackers, soups, pizza, deli meat sandwiches, and more. Since these foods contain too much sodium, it makes it very difficult for […]

Three Reasons Why Large Manufacturers Need a Co-Packer

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The ideal product packaging does much more than simply protect a product during transport. It also keeps out oxygen or contaminants that might otherwise degrade consumable goods, and tamper-evident packaging adds a level of product security. Beyond that, packaging offers a great branding opportunity, marketing the internal contents and promoting your company while also providing […]

Flexible Food Packaging: What You Need To Know

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Flexible packaging has significantly grown in popularity in the food and beverage industry. Due to its many benefits, it is often the packaging of choice for various food products on a domestic and global level. Flexible Food Packaging (Click to Expand) By using non-rigid materials to package food, manufacturers are better able to customize the […]