As on-the-go convenience, eco-friendliness, and low shipping costs become more and more important in the retail industry; many companies are turning to stand up pouches to provide reliable, cost-efficient packaging solutions.

In addition to offering a highly customizable flexible packaging format, stand up pouch packaging allows for a strong shelf presence in today’s saturated, highly competitive retail landscape; this versatile packaging functions particularly well as a self-contained, attractive billboard for labels, branding, product information, and graphics.


Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches, or SUPs, are among the most popular and versatile flexible packaging formats available in today’s marketplace. Packaging and display design can be just as important as the product itself, and custom stand up pouches offer a convenient solution for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Stand up pouch bags take up minimal shelf and storage space and add little to freight costs and environmental waste, making them one of the most eco-friendly options available — increasingly important as more and more consumers seek out sustainable packaging and products.


Stand up pouches are especially popular for food service applications; snacks, candies, spices, and frozen foods all maintain excellent freshness and shelf appeal in a pouch. Pet treats, coffee and tea, fertilizers, and cosmetics, among many others, also make frequent use of this style of packaging. Using up to 75% less material than traditional cans, cartons, or even bag-in-a-box packs, stand up pouches for food packaging is both environmentally friendly and less expensive to ship.

Stand up pouch packaging is flexible by nature, and can be easily customized with unique materials, features, and graphics to meet specific client needs. Some of the most popular features include:

  • Window and clear display-panel designs for visual appeal
  • Rice-paper and paper-laminate designs for eco-friendly impact
  • Zipper reclosure for guaranteed long-term freshness
  • Tear notches for easy opening
  • Hang holes and bottom gussets for sturdy display options
  • A wide choice of colors, material finishes, and structures for a unique appearance
  • Degassing valves
  • Food-grade laminates for solid, liquid, and powdered edibles
  • Product protection against oxygen, moisture, and contaminants


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We’re proud to be one of the highly trusted companies in the industry, working daily to perfect our packaging solutions and deliver durable, high-quality designs with smart aesthetics and reliable performance. We work to get our customers’ products to market quickly and efficiently, serving a wide range of clients, from supermarkets, pharmacies, and dollar stores to club stores, vendors, and convenience stores.

Our facilities offer a range of services from pouch filling to vertical form fill sealing (VFFS), as well as flow and shrink wrapping, and bulk food packaging. To discuss your specific needs with an expert and learn more about how stand up pouch packaging can help with your application, reach out to the team today.