variety of cookiesVariety pack packaging, also known as multipacks, bundles individually wrapped products into secondary packaging for customers to buy as a single purchase. Food manufacturers and other businesses can use this packaging strategy to improve the sales of their product line since variety packs entice consumers by conveniently combining numerous items at a discount.

Why Choose Variety Pack Packaging?

Variety packs, also known as multi-packs, offer numerous advantages to businesses and consumers alike. These packaging bundles combine individually wrapped products into secondary packaging, providing customers with the convenience of purchasing multiple items in a single transaction. The primary benefit of variety packs lies in their ability to entice consumers by offering a range of products at a discounted price.

For budget-conscious customers, variety packs are a particularly appealing option. Many individuals may not have the financial means or inclination to purchase multiple types of similar products individually. By bundling several items together, businesses can provide added value to their customers, enabling them to enjoy better prices while simultaneously driving higher-volume sales.

Moreover, variety packs present a unique opportunity to showcase the full extent of a product line. This can be especially advantageous for newly launched items or underperforming goods that might benefit from increased exposure. By offering a variety of choices within a single package, businesses can effectively capture the attention of consumers, potentially leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

In addition to their economic benefits, variety packs also cater to various social occasions. Whether it’s a party, holiday gathering, or sporting event, these packs allow hosts to conveniently provide options that appeal to everyone in attendance. Furthermore, customers may discover a new flavor or variant of a product that they would not have otherwise considered purchasing. This discovery can lead to future purchases and an expanded customer base.

Overall, variety packs offer a low-risk and highly effective packaging option for businesses looking to enhance their product marketing strategies. By combining convenience, affordability, and a broad range of choices, these packs can generate increased sales, customer satisfaction, and brand exposure.

Variety Pack Packaging: Food Industry Applications

Variety packs are useful for a broad spectrum of food-related products that include, but are not limited to:

SnacksSnacks: Chips, crackers, pretzels, trail mix, nuts, and cookies



SweetsSweets: Mints, chocolates, and hard or gummy candies



GrainsGrains: Pasta, rice, and cereals 



CondimentsCondiments: Sugar, salt, and pepper 



FlavoringsFlavorings: Spices, seasonings, additives, and aromas 



Econo-Pak team members are experts in packaging design and engineering services. We can package almost any dry food product for companies worldwide, from snacks, drink mixes, and vitamins to powders and baby products. We also multipack products such as seeds and bottle and pouch fillings. Econo-Pak aims to offer comprehensive options for your variety pack needs.

Variety Pack Packaging: Advantages of Outsourcing

To create variety packs, you typically need specialized equipment and a subset of your workforce trained for the process, which many food companies do not have or wish to invest in for what could be considered a novelty item. Outsourcing variety pack packaging services can be highly beneficial in food manufacturing so that you can focus on your company’s core operations and leave packaging to a highly experienced team that is well equipped for the job.

Machinery for variety pack packaging must have several capabilities for the task. They should be able to:

  • Create variety packs from pre-packaged goods
  • Adjust for any item count, with bulk product capabilities
  • Efficiently process a high throughput
  • Load unbalanced product counts for greater flexibility
  • Facilitate dynamic product loading in cartons
  • Integrate vision technology for quality control

Bundling Film for Variety Packs

Bundling film is a stretchable packaging material used to create multi-packs of products. It’s transparent, allowing for product visibility, which aids in marketing. The film wraps around products, sealed with heat or adhesive, to keep them together during transport and sale. It’s cost-effective for manufacturers, reducing individual packaging and damage risk, and offers consumers convenience, savings, and product variety. Overall, bundling film is key for efficient packaging and branding in multi-pack products.

Econo-Pak’s Commitment to Innovative and Safe Packaging

With a focus on innovation, we strive to incorporate the latest technology into our processes. Our team is equipped with over 200 state-of-the-art packaging machines, allowing us to provide cost-effective services coupled with fast turn times.

Our durable, budget-friendly packaging meets or exceeds all food industry certifications and safety standards, adhering to:

  • Best practices in manufacturing
  • FDA, SQF Level 3, and HACCP regulations
  • Sanitation process standards
  • Pest, chemical, and allergen controls
  • Consumer response systems

Variety Pack Packaging From Econo-Pak

Variety packs offer an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and sell more product. However, putting together packaging solutions in-house is expensive and requires additional specialized resources. As a leading North American food copacker, Econo-Pak has the experience, knowledgeable experts, and equipment to efficiently fulfill customized contract packaging orders of virtually any volume. Our family-owned and -operated company has been supplying reliable packaging solutions to diverse clients worldwide for over four decades.

Whatever your industry, our team will develop the perfect packaging uniquely suited to your application. Request a quote from Econo-Pak today for fixed-pricing information on our variety pack and other packaging services.