At Econo-Pak, we have spent over three decades perfecting the art of packaging for diverse markets and customers. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the most trusted companies in the industry, partnering with clients ranging from small, independent firms to Fortune 500 customers.

contract packaging


We offer a broad variety of contract packaging services, working with inventory like vitamins, seeds, and pouch fillings to all other types of products. Our goal is to get our customers’ products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible while meeting or exceeding the industry’s highest standards of quality.

Our contract packaging solutions cover almost every packaging need. With over 240,000 total square feet of production floor space and 200 different packaging machines, we can meet the specifications of virtually any project — regardless of size or scope.


Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS)

Our vertical bagging machinery is designed to suit a full range of unique product requirements. We offer the highest quality vertical seals available produced at rapid speeds, ensuring efficiency and cost-effective performance.

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Machine Packaging Formats

Pouch Filling

Highly marketable, our pouches are frequently used for both high-end and economical products alike; stand-up pouches have been utilized for products ranging from security bags to exotic foods or even drink pouches.

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Metallic Packaging Formats

Flow Wrapping

Flow wrapping, typically used for confectionary products such as chocolate and hard/soft candies, is a highly flexible option for efficient packaging.

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Stand Up Pouches

Many companies are turning to stand-up pouches to provide reliable, cost-efficient packaging solutions.

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Of all the contract packaging companies available today, Econo-Pak ranks among the best for quality, fast turnaround times, and excellent customer service. If you would like to learn more about our packaging services or request a quote, please contact us today.