Today’s food and beverage industry requires more sophisticated packaging than ever before, and today’s consumers increasingly expect product packaging to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is convenient. Modern retail spaces and the shoppers who frequent them are looking for outstanding brand communication, eye-catching design, and efficient performance.

With three decades of contract packaging experience, the Econo-Pak team offers innovative solutions for a wide range of products, markets, and custom requirements. We aim to get our clients’ products to market quickly and efficiently while meeting the industry’s highest quality standards.


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Markets Served

Packaging design can greatly affect the success of a product, and the team at Econo-Pak takes that responsibility to heart. From eco-friendly packing materials and bar code management solutions to top-of-the-line manufacturing processes, our diverse capabilities ensure that all our customers stay at the forefront of modern packaging.

We provide contract packaging solutions for a wide range of markets, including:

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For products marketed directly to consumers, a clever packaging solution is critical for catching customers’ eyes and developing brand recognition in fast-paced, crowded retail environments.

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As individual portion-controlled packs, grab-and-go meals, and healthy on-the-go snacks continue to rise in popularity, supermarkets can benefit from several types of custom packaging solutions, such as specialty mix packs. Aesthetically pleasing display options, like promotional displays and custom counter units, can also help attract consumers to branded products.

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As shoppers become more and more comfortable in club and wholesale store formats, these businesses must keep up with packaging innovations, providing consumers with modern, convenient designs. Some studies even show that packaging is one of the most important elements of a store’s success. Retail-ready design, low environmental impact, and high-quality graphics all play a key role in these markets.

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As drug therapies and technologies become more and more complex, so too do the industry’s packaging solutions. To ensure optimal safety and sterility, pharmacies require top-of-the-line, custom designs, and often make use of nontraditional or nonstandard technologies in packaging development.

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Airline Packaging

Traditionally, inflight meals are served on trays. However, innovative solutions are changing the packaging and presentation of airplane meals and snacks. The airline food packaging industry is moving toward more sustainable and flexible options, allowing for use in varying flights from short to long-haul trips.

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Convenience Store Packaging

To effectively sell their products to consumers, convenience stores are always on the lookout for the latest packaging innovations. This market is highly competitive, which is why a dependable convenience store packaging solution is needed for a wide range of products.

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Consumer health and safety is the top priority in the food industry, which means that food service packaging needs to perform reliably and intuitively, every time. Premium workmanship and material choices in a package are a product’s first line of defense against damage and contaminants, and consumers take note of this dedication to quality. Econo-Pak holds mutliple certifications that compliment our custom food packaging services, including USDA Organic, Kosher, and Gluten Free.


By offering professional and affordable packaging solutions for consumer goods products, we help customers bring their CBD products to market.

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Contract Packaging Services from Econo-Pak

From Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses, Econo-Pak has been leading the industry in food repackaging for over three decades. We’re proud to offer high-quality, innovative contract packaging services to accommodate any product format.

An experienced design team, expert engineering staff, and in-house parts department support our 240,000-square-foot full-service facility. No matter the market, we’re always searching for the newest, most inventive, and most efficient ways to get your product off the shelf and into customers’ hands.

To learn more about our services and how we can help with your next project, check out our complete contract food packaging page or reach out to the team today.