Advantages of Our Packaging Services

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Product packaging is an essential aspect of successful retail. While it is true that product packaging plays an important role in security, damage prevention, and contamination protection, it also serves other important functions. Packaging acts as a face for a company’s brand, helping to differentiate products from competitors.

At Econo-Pak, our comprehensive product packaging services provide an easy and affordable end-to-end solution for our business partners. We make the entire design and packaging process uncomplicated and worry-free. Our team of experts develops tailor-made strategies for each client to ensure maximum marketing impact and reduced costs.

Our experience and thorough understanding of the design and engineering processes behind a broad range of packaging formats guarantees that we can develop an optimal packaging solution for any product.

Why is Product Packaging Important?

No two products are exactly alike. A superior packaging solution must provide a good fit for its product, as well as the product’s environmental conditions during storage or shelf life. Moreover, proper packaging design and implementation ensure that the product in question is kept safe during the entire transportation, distribution, and storage cycle.

The term product packaging generally refers to the full process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages. Popular packaging choices include cartons, bags, boxes, wrappers, containers, pouches, and more. All these items can be selected for their functionality, then customized for marketing and branding purposes.

As the retail sector and other industries continue to expand and grow, so too does the demand for unique, durable, and attractive packaging solutions. Not only do tough, aesthetically appealing packaging designs provide a vital layer of physical protection for the products contained therein, they also serve as enticing advertisements that can grab the attention of the customer and influence a purchase.

Properly executed product packaging offers the following benefits:

  • Physical protection. Perishable items, such as dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meats, and drinks, require protection from potentially harmful contaminants such as dust, chemicals, and so forth. Non-perishable items need to be guarded from compression, vibration, and mechanical shock. Proper product packaging ensures that your items remain safe from hazardous factors throughout the storage, distribution, and sales cycles.
  • Information. Within many industries, government regulations mandate that companies communicate essential information to the public by means of clear and accurate packaging labels. As an example, pre-packaged food items generally must include the product’s expiration date and a list of ingredients. Proper packaging procedures help to guarantee compliance with legal requirements.
  • Marketing. Product packaging is an important touch point between the company and the consumer. The design of the package should reflect the company’s brand image, style, and values in order to maximize the impact of that touch point. It is imperative to never underestimate the marketing power of a well-designed packaging template.
  • Convenience. Many product packages have features that increase the level of convenience for shipping personnel, stock clerks, and consumers alike. For example, packages may feature hooks or holes for hanging displays, while others may have easy-to-peel plastic covers. Convenient features like these add value to your products.
  • Barrier protection. Many companies utilize some form of barrier protection for their packaged products, including desiccants or oxygen absorbing materials. Other organizations employ anti-permeation packaging to prevent air, gas or vapor penetration. Such measures help to maximize product shelf life, keep products sterile or free from contamination.
  • Security. Strong anti-tampering measures can help deter and reduce unauthorized product manipulation, protecting the product brand and reputation. In some cases, optimal product packaging includes robust security measures that can help prevent theft or material substitution.

To maximize the value of these benefits, it is critical to select the appropriate packaging method for a product. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating packaging options:

  • Size of product. What are the required package dimensions?
  • Material specifications. What type of material is best for the particular product? Does the product require rigid packaging or a flexible construction? What level of durability is needed?
  • Size of production run. What volume should be ordered? Can economies of scale be gained with certain materials, packaging types, or production methods?
  • Package design. What type of design will be most attractive to customers, and align most closely with the brand message?
  • Final pack-out options. How should the product be packed for shipping?
  • Timelines/lead times. Once the above specifications have been established, what would an acceptable time frame be for project completion?

Partnering with the Right Company

Econo-Pak’s product packaging services make designing and packaging your products easy. By understanding the design and engineering processes for many different packaging formats, we can help you develop the best container that meets your product’s unique requirements.

Our team of packaging specialists offers cost-effective, timely, and innovative solutions for customers across a broad spectrum of industry, including:

  • Club and wholesale stores
  • Pharmacy
  • Supermarkets
  • Food services
  • Retail

Services Provided

Our packaging services cover a wide range of product types, such as foods, vitamins, powders, drink mixes, baby products, and much more. We’re a full-service packaging solutions provider offering processes that’ll take your product from start to finish.

More than three decades of experience allows us to provide optimal contract packaging services. Adhering to the highest quality standards, we aim to get your products to market in the most efficient manner possible. Econo-Pak’s contract packaging solutions can accommodate any format, from stand-up pouches to bulk.

A package’s design is a selling point in itself and adds to the product’s desirability. Our team knows that both practicality and attractiveness play a crucial role in getting a product off the shelf and into a consumer’s hands. Food and other product packaging design services from Econo-Pak can be customized to serve a range of customers across different industries by utilizing a variety of packaging formats.

Our expert engineering team works 24 hours a day to maintain all engineered packaging processes and equipment. We have a full staff of electricians and welders, as well as machines for fabricating and milling to minimize downtime and maximize output. You’ll also find precise machine calibration, strict preventative maintenance schedules, and an in-house parts department at our facility.

Primarily serving the food industry, we package many products seen on grocery store shelves. Some of these product packaging services, as mentioned, can include anything from baby products to gummies, cookies, crackers, and pasta. We’re happy to work with whatever specifications your design requires in order to engineer a solution for almost any type of product.

Packaging Types from Econo-Pak

At Econo-Pak, we offer an extensive catalog of product packaging services to our business partners. We work hard to ensure that products get to market quickly and efficiently without any loss of quality. Our primary packaging options include:

Stand Up Pouches

Our high quality, aesthetically appealing stand up pouches double as advertisements for your product by maintaining a strong shelf presence. Many food producers prefer stand up pouches to package nuts, candies, and other small items. We provide strong, easy-open pouches with windows/clear display panels to effectively influence customers to buy your product.

Flow Wrapping

Flow wrapping is a cost-effective packaging process in which operators feed the main product through a conveyance system that quickly and efficiently wraps and seals the packaging material over the product. Many retailers utilize flow wrapping services for their affordability and quick turnaround time. At Econo-Pak, our more than 240,000 square feet of production floor space allows us to successfully complete any customer flow wrapping order, no matter the size or scope.

Shrink Wrapping

Manufacturers, retailers, and packagers use shrink wrap for a wide range of applications. Packaging specialists typically use this thin film of plastic to tightly wrap similar products together, ensuring optimal handling and distribution. We are an industry leader in scalable and highly efficient shrink-wrapping operations.

Bulk Food Packaging

Bulk food packaging helps to eliminate waste by reducing the number of containers needed for product storage. Additionally, it offers advantages in transparency, versatility, and environmental sustainability. Our bulk food packaging operations conform to the highest standards of safety and hygiene, and involve exceptional efficiency and quick turnaround times.

Powder Filling

Containers full of dry powders come in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations. We provide comprehensive powder-filling services, from wrapping to pouching to procurement. We also offer highly customized assistance in formats such as classic bottles and jars, stand-up pouches (SUP’s), or multi-pack designs tailored to specific markets.

Learn More from Our Packaging Specialists

Econo-Pak proudly executes product packaging and design services using state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable experts, and a dedication to quality and unmatched customer experience. No idea is too challenging for us, so we encourage you to contact our team to speak with one of our packaging specialists!